Coach Boldbataar’s wrestling team shines at the 2023 WSWA Freestyle and Greco State Championships

Wow! We can’t believe what Washington Judo Academy’s newly-formed wrestling team, based in Kirkland, WA, has achieved at the 2023 WSWA Freestyle and Greco State Championships! Just four months ago, they started cross-training in wrestling under Coach Boldbataar, a 3-time Mongolian National Champion in Freestyle Wrestling, and now they have been able to beat some of the best kids in their divisions.

After two days of epic battles, here are the results:

  • Bonda (U14) snatched gold in both Freestyle and Greco after smashing through the current national champion.
  • Hunty (U14) took the gold medal in Greco and silver in Freestyle.
  • Joe (U16) placed 5th in Freestyle after several tough matches.
  • Ethan (U16) took bronze in Greco-Roman after a first-round loss and fought his way up in consolation.

All four of our boys have qualified for the Fargo Nationals in July, with a top 10 finish in States for “Best Winning Percentage.”

Congratulations to our boys on their incredible achievements and a huge thanks to Coach Boldbataar for starting our wrestling team from scratch and putting our club on the wrestling radar in such a short time.