Best Judo Program in Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond

Judo is a highly dynamic and full-contact martial art that focuses on gripping, throwing, pinning, or submitting your opponent on the ground. It is extremely beneficial for young children, as it pushes them to develop physically in all areas while requiring coordination and timing unseen in other martial arts. Judo can be thought of as a blend of wrestling (the physicality of the sport) and dancing (the body coordination component).

Additionally, Judo is a traditional Japanese martial art with a well-developed training program and a value system focused on mutual respect, discipline, and hard work. Judo offers an intense, wrestling-like full-body workout with a focus on spectacular takedowns to get your opponent on the ground with minimal force, followed by pinning or submitting them. Adults will enjoy the challenge and the intensity of the sport. Athletes with a background in BJJ or wrestling will find it beneficial to enhance their game plan with the unique Judo throwing techniques.

At our Washington Judo Academy, we offer classes for kids as young as 2+ years old, focused on sparking their interest in the sport. We also offer classes focused on fundamental techniques for long-term success, as well as advanced competition training to prepare kids for local, national, and international tournaments.

Judo is a sport for everyone. Come try our classes and meet our family-like community.



When: Wednesday or Thursday at 5:15 pm (45 minutes)

This class is specifically designed for kids aged 2-6 who are new to the sport of Judo. Parents are encouraged to assist their children on the mat to make them feel comfortable and help them follow directions.

The main goal of the class is to spark children’s interest in Judo and create a positive experience so that they can eventually attend the class on their own without their parent’s presence. The class is structured around games and exercises that introduce kids to the fundamental concepts of Judo, such as grips, pins, throws, and breakfalls. Additionally, the activities are designed to improve their overall coordination, strength, and flexibility.


When: Monday and Friday at 5 pm (1 hour)

This class is designed for children aged 6 to 9 who are new to Judo but can follow instructions without parental assistance.

In this class, kids will learn basic Judo takedowns and ground techniques while also developing a solid foundation in body movement, flexibility, and strength. The goal is to provide an enjoyable and engaging learning experience that encourages children to develop a passion for Judo while improving their physical abilities.


When: Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm (1.5 hours)

This class is designed for children aged 8 years and older who have already started learning Judo and want to focus on perfecting their techniques and executing drills correctly. The aim is to establish a strong foundation for long-term success in Judo.

During the class, kids will fine-tune their Judo techniques and work on building strength, agility, and speed. The focus is on developing good form and proper execution of Judo drills, which will help children achieve success in Judo in the future.

The curriculum has been developed by Sensei Megumi Tachimoto, a world-class athlete and coach from Japan.



  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 pm (1.5 hours)
  • Saturday at 2 pm (3 hours)

This advanced training program is designed for competitive kids and teenagers who are serious about taking their Judo skills to the next level. The program focuses on developing tactical drills, competition-style conditioning, and supervised sparring (randori) to help kids compete at the highest level.

Through the program, kids can fine-tune their Judo techniques, build strength and endurance, and develop the mental toughness needed to compete at a local or national level. Overall, the program is designed to help young athletes achieve their full potential in Judo.


When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 pm (1.5 hours)

This class is suitable for both adults and teenagers, and focuses on developing physical conditioning, technical drilling, and sparring (randori) skills.

Monday’s class is focused on skill-building and is an excellent day for new adult students to join the program. During the class, students will work on developing their Judo techniques and movements through various drills and exercises.

On Fridays, the class is combined with an open mat session. New students will work with a black belt instructor who will guide them through movement drills and throwing techniques.


This is the perfect opportunity to have one-on-one coaching with the instructor for either you or your child. Private lessons provide a one-on-one training environment where the instructor can fully focus on the individual needs of the student. This allows for personalized feedback and tailored instruction to address areas that need improvement, whether it’s refining specific techniques or developing a personalized training plan.