Debut at USA Judo Presidents Cup & Dallas Open Judo Championships

Washington Judo Academy debuted at the national Judo competition scene at the Dallas Open Judo Championships (former Dallas Invitational) followed by the Presidents Cup Championships in Irving, TX.

We sent a small team of 9 elite ninja warriors ready to put up their skills against opponents of any size and rank. These heroes fought in age-up and weight-up divisions over 2 days winning 9 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals. What an incredible result for a small team!

Above is our favorite picture from the tournament. Exhausted, hungry, but happy faces. Five kids had left for the airport by the time this picture was taken. The man on the left, David, was the only Sensei from our club there who managed, coached, inspired, and treated our athletes with psychotherapy for two days.

More pictures

Ethan got bronze in the super tough division at the Dallas invitational. We are so proud of you, Ethan. Your epic Te Guruma was the throw of the tournament that would make any pro WWE wrestler jealous.
The true descendants of the legendary Mongolian warriors – Khante and Bonda – do not have the words “fear” and “hesitance” in their vocabulary. The size and rank of their opponents will never intimidate these brave and well-rounded grapplers.
The Ukrainian Judo Princess Veronika with her royal dad King Aleksandr. Double gold in President’s cup! What a spirit!!! When you look up grace and dominance in the encyclopedia, Veronika’s portrait must be there.
Our very own Steven Boldbaatar made it to the podium in the super tough IJF junior -66 kg division. He executed a beautiful yoko tomoe nage in the final and the help of the dark side of the force is the only explanation for his opponent not landing on his back. We are so proud of you!!!
The lord of four divisions, the president of the cup, the person with 4 gold medals, the distinguished master of Judo, the one and only one, our very own Mr. Michael Zulaev.